Here we will introduce the artists of the festival 2020 in spring. Meanwhile please be patient, thank you!



Review 2019

Artists 2019

AUT 4 Skills  (AUT - Wiener Neustadt)
HipHop, Breakdance, Streetjazz, ...

Cartoonette (PRT,  Video)
Living Statue

Duo Looky  (ISR,  Video)

Acrobatics, Artistics, Street-Theater


El Diabolero  (AUT, Video)



Felice & Cortes Young  (GERVideo)

Music, Juggling


FeuerWer? - Next Generation  (GER, Video)

(Aerial-) Acrobatics, Comedy, Street-Theater


Firebirds  - „Steam On“   (HUN, Video)

Acrobatics, Artistics, Comedy, Street-Theater


Firebirds  - „Swing Over“ (HUN,  Video)

Firershow, Comedy


Flare Performance  (AUT,  Video)

Aerial Acrobatics „Sakura's Dream“ 


Flare Performance  (AUT,  Video)
Aerial Acrobatics, Fireshow "House Of The Flying Fire"


Fraser Hooper  (NZL,  Video)



FreddArt  (GER)

3D-Streetpainting Hzg. Leopold Street


Her Majesty's Secret Circus  (USA,  Video)

Artistics, Comedy, Street-Theater


Margherita Mischitelli  (ITA,  Video)

Comedy, Acrobatics, Street-Theater


Skate4Fun (AUT – Wiener Neustadt)



Surprise Effect  (FRA,  Video)

Acrobatics, Breakdance


Tinto Brass Street Band  (ITA,  Video)



Interactive Arenas

Circus Pikard  (AUT,  Web)

Circus-Arena, Balloon-Figures


Funny Faces (AUT,   Web)


Gitta  (AUT)

Participatory-Circus-Arena, Juggling-Props-Booth


About 3 days before the festival you can find the detailled schedule here, where you can see which show will take place at what time(s) and at which spots.